Advanced Logic

Course objective

The objective of the course Advanced Logic is to obtain a good
understanding of modal logic and its
use in computer science and artificial intelligence.

Course content

A thorough introduction to modal logics, and its applications in
computer science and artificial intelligence. We will select some themes
from the book Modal Logics for Open Minds, by Johan van Benthem:
for example basic modal logic and possible world semantics, bisimulation
and invariance,
modal definability, decidability. In particular we treat the modal
logics most relevant to computer science and AI: temporal, dynamic and
epistemic logic.

Form of tuition

Weekly 2 lectures and 1 exercise class, for the duration of 7 weeks.

Type of assessment

A written exam and assignments that can make half a point bonus.

Course reading

Johan van Benthem, Modal Logics for Open Minds, CSLI Publications 2010.

Recommended background knowledge

The bachelor course Logic and Modelling
or an equivalent introduction to first-order logic.

Target group


Blackboard/Canvas Explanation

The information about Advanced Logic is shared via the webpage of the

Registration procedure

Registration is organized in the standard way.